Hi. I’m Terence. Welcome to my new website.

I just relaunched this website after losing the domain name terenceklein.com around 2015. I let the renewal payment lapse for the registration fee and before I knew it the domain was gone. Not long after it lapsed, someone in Germany registered the domain and started using it as a platform to sell high-end sneakers and women’s lingerie. I was disappointed, yet found it kind of comical, but I moved on.

That was until last night when I was using a fantastic tool called Lean Domain Search to come up with some ideas for a new website I’d like to launch. Just for fun I searched for this domain, and to my surprise It was available again. Without hesitation I purchased the domain and web hosting and launched this new site.

I also took the opportunity to point another neglected website, hipsaga.com, to this renewed one. “Hip Saga” was a chronicle of the most brutal, painful, and humbling 9 months of my life. Basically, I broke my hip as a consequence of a OneWheel (a one-wheeled electric skateboard) accident. This accident turned into an epic battle between a strep infection and my body. The infection had a decent chance to kill me, but instead resulted in a titanium hip replacement and a new found appreciation for walking. I was glued to a chair and/or bed for most of 2021.

The hipsaga.com website consisted of 6 chapters of that story. I plan to finish writing the last few chapters very soon. But, as I learned in the most brutal way possible, patience is a virtue. The story will be finished when it’s meant to be finished. That said, I promise to post content that I have already written very soon. Stay tuned…

Today I walk well over 10,000 steps a day, mostly because I can. It’s become a new habit that I’m very proud of. I look forward to sharing more on all that with you as well.

I’m the meantime, I’m going to leave you with this quick post that I typed up on my phone on the fly when I should have been sleeping. I’m fairly certain there will be plenty of time to ramble on about all the important things to follow.


The current purpose of this website is to serve as a hub for my body of experience. Call it my public journal if you’d like. I’ll be sharing resources on topics such as; music, digital and affiliate marketing, life and professional hacks, artificial intelligence developments, recovery, mindfulness, gardening, and last but not least, Rocket League.

It’s good to be back in the saddle. Thanks for joining me. Now let’s ride.